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    ESPS9. Introducing the Village of Tremont. Addressing Sexual Abuse in Development Projects

    This video takes you to Tremont, a Latin American town that will be the backdrop of our stories, where the IDB is building a tunnel.  Tremont is a fictional place that could be in any part of our region.  During construction, we encounter different situations of gender-based and sexual violence including sexual exploitation, workplace sexual harassment and homophobia, sexual abuse, and sexual abuse of a minor.

    ESPS9. Wendy’s Food Cart. Sexual Exploitation at the Project Site

    Joshua Williams, Chief Engineer of the Project, has been trying to get Wendy’s attention.  Wendy is a cook from Tremont who sells food from her cart on the project site. How will his advances be received and what are the consequences for both characters? Join us to see how this story of sexual exploitation unfolds.

    ESPS9. Rooster, the Online Bully. Online Sexual Harassment

    “Rooster”, an online character, has been sending obscene and homophobic photos to his colleagues. Samuel and Mark, a couple of project laborers, are feeling the pressure of this online harassment.  What could be done to address these different types of sexual and gender-based violence?

    ESPS9. Sandra the Welder. Sexual Abuse at Work

    Sandra and George work together at the construction site. He likes her, but she does not like him. One day, things get complicated when they are alone in a tool shed. What can Sandra do to stop his advances, and what will happen to George?

    ESPS9. 04. Melanie the Bird Lover. Addressing Child Sexual Abuse

    Robert Branch, one of the project’s foremen has set up an improvised “bird shelter” where he takes care of wounded animals. Melanie, the 14-year-old daughter of another employee, visits him frequently. All is good until their relationship becomes physical. How does the IDB stand in these situations? Learn more about preventing and addressing child sexual abuse.

    If you would like to know more about how to address sexual harassment in development projects, go to www.iadb.org/esgcourses for a free online course on the IDB’s performance standard on Gender equality.

  • IDB Free Online Course on Gender Equality (ESPF9)

    As part of IDB’s capacity building plan for the ESPF implementation, we have developed various training materials for our ESPS 9. To understand the requirements of ESPS 9, we have designed a free online course in an “escape room” game format that takes people through an imaginary project with various entertaining obstacles.  The obstacles take users through fictional stories that could very well be real, about situations of gender violence that can occur in a project such as sexual exploitation, workplace sexual harassment, and sexual abuse. The main purpose is to raise awareness among the executing agencies, the communities with whom we work and the contractors, about these risks and their prevention.

    To access the course please register at: https://indesvirtual.iadb.org/login/index.php

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